Success Story

National Lottery

September–October 2016
Euromillions & "Good News"

Playing the Lotto is a bright spot in many people’s weeks. The act of buying a Lotto ticket is rooted in optimism – there’s a not a person out there who doesn’t do a line of the Euromillions and spend a few minutes daydreaming about what they would spend the winnings on afterwards.

For National Lottery, to leverage this spirit of positivity around the Lotto, we developed a new dedicated cross-platform news vertical containing only good news stories. Users were prompted to access the vertical via a widget on desktop and a bespoke in-app button. The vertical was populated with a guaranteed minimum of 4 good news stories daily and the campaign also included 4 native pieces pinned in the 5th position in the main river of news stories.

Over the period of the campaign the vertical delivered 129 articles and 2.5 million article views. The section takeover delivered 4.8 million ad impressions and the average dwell time for the native pieces was a well above-average 03:11. The results were excellent and reflected the popularity of the section with our readers where the positivity of the news was reflected in high engagement levels and overwhelmingly positive comments.

The campaign is a great instance of our bespoke solutions-driven approach and of excellent alignment between brand and content.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...