Success Story


01 Mar 2015 – 08 Mar 2015
Fine French Wines Native Campaign

The objectives for this campaign extended beyond awareness of the specific wine offer to promoting Lidl as a go-to destination for quality wine and great quality goods generally. Other objectives were to reinforce the Lidl “Choose to live a little” message, and to positively impact brand personality.

We ran an intensive week long campaign combining native formats and re-targeted display advertising. Formats included sponsored articles, a social ad, a digital insert, and an interactive quiz. All the content was informative, entertaining and sharable and article views and impressions were in line with expectations for our native campaigns.

In conjunction with the campaign, and in partnership with Lidl and Mediaworks, we developed a research initiative with the goal of investigating the effectiveness and impact of a Retail native campaign, specifically around reach, offer awareness, purchase intent and engagement.

The objectives were to answer the following questions:

  • Did the campaign cut through?

  • Did the campaign drive awareness, credibility, purchase intent?

  • How did the campaign impact on connection between Lidl and wine specifically?

  • How did the campaign impact on the Lidl brand?

The data reaped by Red C strongly supports the hypothesis that Native advertising campaigns are effective in promoting specific retail offers along with positively impacting brand awareness and understanding. See an outline of the research and full results here.

Overall, the campaign was very successful in it’s objectives and clearly extended beyond the wine category to impact overall brand consideration and Lidl perceptions in terms of product range, quality and brand affinity.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...