Success Story


26 Sep 2014 – 26 Oct 2014
Technology Vertical Sponsorship

Our Technology vertical is highly sought after as a sponsorship opportunity. The content aligns nicely for many brand campaigns as well as capturing an audience with a natural interest in tech products and tech offerings. Technology content delivers solid viewing and engagement figures as readers respond very well to practical guides and tech tips which form a consistent part of this vertical.

Three saw this clear opportunity when they were launching their “All You Can Eat” campaign which corresponded with the launch of the iPhone 6. Over the 4 week period of the campaign one hundred percent share of voice on the vertical gave them all display ad units on 126 articles plus an “always on” landing page takeover on the Technology vertical landing page.

The sponsorship campaign for the All you can Eat iPhone 6 offer was augmented with a Home Page Takeover for the All You Can Eat bill pay campaign run in the same month for maximum impact.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...