Success Story


16 SEP 2014 – 10 oct 2014
Fitness Vertical Sponsorship

The statistics show, and our audience figures reflect the fact, that the large majority of people who read sports coverage are male. We continuously aim to serve the interests of a broad readership across all of our sites and one vertical within our sports offering that attracts a wide readership in terms of gender is Fitness.

Aviva are well known as a Health Insurance provider and as such were interested in aligning their brand with content encouraging a healthy lifestyle. We were in a position to offer that content with knowledge that this vertical has broad appeal and with the assurance that audience figures for this type of content are strong.

Over the course of the campaign Aviva benefited from complete share of voice on all Fitness content. Engagement levels were excellent, as is usual for Fitness content, as many of the articles include practical tips, routines and recipes which readers like to share across social media. Cross platform high impact display was included in the package and helped drive a very successful campaign.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...