Success Story


February–August 2016
Lucozade 'Find Your Flow'

In an increasingly cluttered energy drink category, it’s important that an historic brand such as Lucozade stand out. Lucozade’s ‘Find Your Flow’ campaign repositions them as a sustainable energy drink to keep you in top form and ties the brand’s iconic identity with a fresh and modern feel. The client was looking for eye- catching activation to support the vibrant, high energy ‘Find Your Flow’ message.

For Lucozade we developed a new vertical on our entertainment platform, The Win/Fail vertical brings together disparate viral content and frames it with the win/fail hook for a highly socially engaged audience. The beauty of the vertical is that it is self-activating around current events, viral breakouts and ‘watercooler’ moments. The content aligns perfectly with Lucozade’s ‘Find Your Flow’ message and the vertical guarantees a strong visual presence for the brand.

The vertical performs consistently above expectations. In an average month it is populated with approximately 80 articles, garnering over 700K article views, over 30K social interactions and delivering over 1.2 million impressions.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...