Success Story

Nestle Cheerios

May–July 2016

This partnership between and Cheerios was designed to bring life to the #RealMornings campaign and was based around tangible engagement and innovative use of display.

Through two family-focused native ads, we recruited our readers to send in their #RealMornings photographs - further cementing this interactive element by then incorporating these photographs into subsequent display. This really brought our readers into the campaign, and was a media first for Readers were further rewarded with cash prizes, fostering goodwill and positivity around Cheerios.

Flagship sponsorship of the Family vertical supported this clever use of display in order to deliver consistent and comprehensive cut-through for Cheerios. Being such a family-friendly and well-loved brand, Cheerios was the ideal brand for the first ever ownership of our family-focused editorial.

Results for this campaign far exceeded expectations. The vertical was populated with 300 articles over the period of the campaign, resulting in over 7 million article views. The articles and native pieces including the competition achieved over 90 thousand social interactions.

Overall, this collaboration - fusing custom display, native ads, a cash giveaway and a vertical sponsorship - was a perfect fit for the Cheerios’ #RealMornings campaign.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...