Success Story


10 Aug – 27 Sep 2015
CAO Integrated Data Social Ads, Microsite & Targeted Display

For a few weeks every August and September, the CAO is a focal point of conversation for students, teachers and parents across the country.  Since 2014 we have provided a genuinely useful service to our readers whereby they can access all the information they need on the rounds of CAO offers in a timely and user friendly fashion on their mobile devices.  We can also match a targeted audience of readers – students and parents of students – to a brand with an interest in that particular cohort.

This opportunity was a perfect fit for KBC who were targeting students with their student account offer.

Over the period of the campaign we ran 12 sponsored articles focusing on the college application process.  The articles were bundled into a KBC sponsored CAO microsite facilitating a targeted display campaign which served over 1 million impressions. In addition the campaign included 2 native ads which were pinned in the 5th position in the river of stories from 6am on the morning of that round of CAO offers.  For both native ads we integrated data provided to us from the CAO into a custom built section of our site to work on desktop and in-app. The amount and type of information in the CAO offer and acceptance system is a perfect fit for the well constructed and user friendly digital platform which we provide and which allows users to navigate easily through the points tables and courses for all the colleges.

Overall campaign results were excellent, article views were well above average and engagement levels for the native ads were high across Facebook, Twitter and by email as users shared across social media.

View one of the live ads here

Take a look at some campaign screens here...