Success Story

EA Sports

FIFA 18 Native Series & Football Sponsorship

EA Games launched FIFA 18 in September 2017. The client was looking for activations that would connect real football and culture to the simulated game.

Sponsorship of all soccer content on in December made perfect sense and connected the brand perfectly with the real life football fans they were trying to reach.

Additionally, for EA Games, we delivered three Native pieces centred on Facebook Lives and embedded video. Three high profile Irish sports people were challenged to a game of FIFA 18 against one of our own 42 journalists. It was the ideal format to showcase the game itself as well as to broaden the campaign out to the general sports fan.

Irish Rugby star Lindsay Peat, UFC star Paddy Holohan, and Kilkenny hurler Eoin Murphy all took up the challenge. The result was three entertaining video pieces which worked very well for both viewer and brand.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...