Success Story


#Experience Your World

The goal for the client was to position KBC as an innovative digital bank that is a challenger brand. The ‘Experience Your World’ virtual content series innovated the experience of both browsing for homes and reading related content through interactive visual experiences that pushed the boundaries of digital technology.

Research fed into our understanding that real engagement with KBC could never come simply by focusing on products and services. Exploring and experiencing the full mortgage journey with homebuyers emerged as the creative goal of the campaign.

Our digital platforms allowed us to take the concept of experiencing a brand and experiencing content to a new level and allowed us to explore innovative tech solutions not used before. Virtual Reality was at the core of the concept and we delivered in three key activations: Virtual Reality Tours, Neighbourhood Guides and Iconic Spaces2017

Using VR, users could experience their future homes, explore the neighbourhoods they want to live in (and even the ones they do live in), and explore selected iconic local landmarks in this uniquely digital way

Campaign results exceeded all expectations. The brand disrupted the space, product results soared and KBC content enhanced the Journal and experience. Just three months in, estate agents started asking about submitting their own VR content on Daft. A new norm set in – behaviour was changed; and KBC drove this change.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...