Success Story


April – September 2015
SuperValu Content Series – "Good Food Karma"

SuperValu launched their Good Food Karma campaign in April 2015.  The aims were to inspire people to cook with good affordable Irish food, to encourage the growing food-sharing culture and to convey the idea that SuperValu food can help “create great moments”.  

The 6 month content campaign we developed with SuperValu thematically aligned each month’s content with one of these overall campaign objectives.  Common to each month was a focus on sharing recipe ideas, advice on cooking for family and friends, and tips on healthy ingredients.   

Over 70 # good food karma articles were published over the campaign and content from each month was bundled into a food magazine on the final Saturday of each month.  The campaign included three 5th position social ads and retargeted display throughout resulted in well above average overall campaign CTR.   Social interactions were also particularly high as people contributed tips and ideas in the comments sections as well as sharing recipes on social media.

The interactive nature of our platforms allowed us to deliver perfectly on the Supervalu message, “we’re all about good food, and what YOU do with it”.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...