Success Story

Science Foundation Ireland

8 Nov – 13 Nov 2015
Science Week: 10th Position Social Ad Series

This week long content campaign supported the overall aim of Science Week by delivering a series of accessible and quirky science-themed social ads. Catchy headlines, engaging subject matter and creative use of images and gifs all tied together to drive the message that science is not intimidating or boring.  The articles highlighted the main messages of Science Week, that science is hugely relevant to our everyday lives and allows for original thinking and creativity.

Each social ad was pinned in the 10th position for 24 hours over the course of the full week and the campaign culminated with all the articles being bundled into a magazine.  Readers were encouraged to stay with the content over the week and the final element was a fun quiz which tested how much was learned about science through reading the articles.

The campaign showed the impact of our 10th position placements, particularly when a brand holds the placement over a period.  Science Week effectively owned the 10th spot in our river for a full week and the campaign achieved excellent results. Momentum was maintained over the week by tying the articles together thematically and references back and forward between articles encouraged readers to engage with all of the content.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...