Success Story


#Culture Magazine sponsorship

The client wants Schweppes to be a brand that inspires. We are working to re-position Schweppes as the perfect social partner for those wishing to explore, relax and savour life. The objective is to appeal in particular to the 35+ market and to make them feel like they’re already part of something special.

We have done this by creating a custom weekly culture magazine to ensure we hit the target audience, as well as maximising reach for the brand through bespoke targeted display. Schweppes also has full ownership of the new always-on Culture vertical.

We understand our audience and what they are interested in. Culture doesn’t have to mean stuffy theatre reviews or classical chamber concerts. On culture is about the everyday events that should be savoured, the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments of daily life. We put Schweppes - and our readers - at the heart of all that, starting new conversations with inspired content in article and video formats.

The magazine is a collection of new, bespoke content, published weekly on TheJournal and sitting in the main river of news stories. The Schweppes Culture Magazine ditches the tired “what’s on” event listings and get right to the interesting part, with weekly interviews, photo features, social media news round-ups, spotlights on local pubs and more.

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