Success Story


16 Jun 2014 – 22 jun 2014
14 Jul 2014 – 20 jul 2014
9 @ 9 Regular Feature Sponsorship

Our daily and weekly regular features deliver guaranteed views and impressions. The regularity relates to the type of content as well as to the time of publication and Lidl have taken advantage of one of our morning regular features on several occasions to target commuters on their way to work.

The 9 @ 9 is a daily round up of the morning news published between 8 and 9 am. Nine of the top stories of the day are presented in brief as readers kick off their day. Lidl aligned two campaigns withThe 9 @ 9 in June and July 2014 – Coffee Capsules and Brand Challenge: Approved by You.

The sponsorship included all display ad units on the articles as well as the “Sponsored By” tag displaying in the river and on the article after click through. Lidl combined feature sponsorships with complementary interstitial ads on mobile, ads which display full page for 5 second on launch of the app. This combination of sponsorship with high impact display delivered very strong results.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...