Success Story

Health Service Executive

24 Dec 2014 – 05 jan 2015
#littlethings Native Content Campaign

The HSE #littlethings campaign was a public information campaign aimed at changing behaviour and attitudes towards mental health. Specifically the campaign was focused on how the little things that we do for ourselves and for others can have a big impact on mental wellbeing.

Our #littlethings content campaign ran for a 2 week period over Christmas and New Year. The campaign ran solely on which allowed for research on the impact of native advertising to be conducted in conjunction with the publication of the content. There were three elements; native ads, sponsored content, and a Wellbeing Magazine. The first of the three native ads was a quiz encouraging readers to think about their own mental wellbeing regularly. This was followed over the two week period with 2 more social ads plus 8 sponsored articles all combining advice and tips aimed at encouraging readers to think about, and talk about, their mental health. The campaign culminated with the final piece, a Wellbeing magazine which compiled all the articles and presented them as an overall guide for good mental health habits for 2015.

The outcomes were very positive both in terms of the uplift in interest in mental health issues generally and in terms of the native advertising case study coming out of the campaign.

The research was conducted by REDC and reveals clearly the impact of native advertising in the Irish digital market, See an outline and the results here.

Take a look at some campaign screens here...